Monday, September 10, 2007

The people in this world are getting organized

At an undisclosed location (actually, Pam's and my house in a Los Angeles suburb), several brave souls came together to plot, plan, and organize the revolution. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Teh Bloggerz:

I leave it to you readers to put names to faces. But here are the names:

Jane "FireDogLake" Hamsher

Howie "Down With Tyranny" Klein

skippy "skippy the bush kangaroo"

John "Crooks and Liars" Amato

RJ "HuffPo, FDL" Eskow

Tom "tbogg" and Mrs. tbogg

Oh, and me.

Others at the meeting of the secret cabal were:

Mark "Same Facts" Kleiman

Kevin "Washington Monthly" Drum

Mickey "Kausfiles" Kaus

Bob "Bob Harris" Harris

Pamela "Democratic Daily" Leavey

and my co-blogger Dave " Dancin' Dave"

and several others who chose not to show their faces.


Seriously, there were around 40 people at our place today, and the discussion was illuminating, conversations were fascinating, food was great (Thanks, Honey!) and sis-in-law Kathy and Pam's cousin Kathy helped in immeasurable ways.

And we still have a few copies of Bob Harris' new book, "Who Hates Whom", which Bob was kind enough to bring. If anyone wants a copy, email me with your info and I'll gladly send it off.

Update: from skippy in comments:
don't forget d-day (& here), hekebolos and thereisnospoon and kaykay from dkos.

And Todd Beeton of MYDD, too. Although he didn't say hi. Hurts my feelings. Sigh.