Wednesday, February 02, 2005

One way, or another

David Leavitt has an amusing/outrageous Photoshop graphic on his blog today, Levity in Action: McCain Gonzales

Here's some of what he says:

We encourage all our Senators to stand up against torture by refusing to confirm Alberto Gonzales as the next U.S. Attorney General - the top law enforcer in the nation. Publicly, Gonzales says he is against torture; but privately, he insists that rapes and beatings aren't torture because they don't cause organ failure or death. His office distributed 50 page memos on how to avoid prosecution for torture - by redefining it. These led directly to the Abu Ghraib photos you've seen, and continue to ruin our reputation in the world.

We hope Senator John McCain, who was abused as a POW in Vietnam, will stand up against prisoner abuse and vote against Gonzales, but so far we've been disappointed. Meanwhile, military leaders strongly oppose Gonzales. We sincerely hope McCain doesn't belong in that photograph, and we're eager to revise it and apologize if we've misunderstood his silence.

You can contact John McCain's office at (202) 224-2235
You can easily reach any other Senator by clicking here.

Alberto Gonzales actually has a long record of helping criminals get around the law, instead of helping to enforce it.
In today's news alone, U.S. courts have ruled again that holding Guantanamo prisoners without access to attorneys has been illegal - just the latest in a series of illegal and unconstitutional acts by a White House that has been relying on Gonzales's advice.

today, Gonzales is being added to an international war crimes case. The evidence against him includes his own testimony before the Senate this month! He still condones cruelty and abuse of prisoners, and evidently thinks the President is above the law. This testimony even convinced several Senators, who were planning to support him, that he couldn't be a worse choice for U.S. Attorney General.

Pretty good stuff. I think this poses a legitimate question for Senator McCain:

Whom do you support, the GOP, or the troops? Seems like a mutually exclusive answer is required.