Friday, December 02, 2005

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

My friend Arianna Huffington was on the Ron Reagan/Annoying Right-wing Blond show this morning on MSNBC, cast opposite wing nut Affirmative Action beneficiary David Limbaugh, also known as the less talented, less suave and debonair of the Limbaugh fils.

His big closer was something like:

"Well, you know Democrats (note use of plural noun, which loses them the opportunity to belittle Dems by using Democrat as an adjective. Anyway...) who are saying we need to Cut and Runtm voted to give the President total dictatorial power to attack any damn thing he wants with no warning or paperwork, so why are they bitching now? So he declared war on Iraq. What of it?"

If the quote isn't exactly accurate enough, please bite me.

This is known as Right Wing Smear Tactic #39: Criticize your opponent for something they didn't do, otherwise known as "That thing you did, you should be ashamed of."

Problem is, that's not what the resolution was. It was for more dialog, more diplomacy, and a return to Congress for an actual war resolution. Also, not to pick nits, but there was no declaration of war.

Oh no u di'int!

Of course Reagan, not exactly blessed with copious testosterone, didn't argue, Crowley drooled on Limbaugh's every word, and Arianna, who knows the truth, wasn't given a chance to rebut.

Liberal Media at work.


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