Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Going For The One

Many writers and bloggers have taken lately to cataloging the errors, missteps, lies and foul acts of the Bush administration.:

Top 10 reasons Bush should not be elected President by corrente,

Altercation by Eric Alterman,

Why Vote For John Kerry, (from Molly Ivins via DailyKos

Why Vote For John Kerry? Part Deux, (Daily Kos)

Why Vote For John Kerry? Part III, (Kos again)

The common thread in all of these, and other commentaries, is that we need to focus on the failures of the Bush folks, and not let them define the debate.

So many people I talk to are still caught up in trivialities: one really bright studio manager I know responds to virtually everything I bring up with "But, but Clinton lied." The logical disconnect, while initially staggering, is indicative of that felt by many "normal" people, who look upon the whole political debate today as being a rational exercise, conducted by worthy opponents who disagree, with respect.

It is critical to keep these points in focus. Each of us should develop our own mantra, and expound on the topics that resonate within us. For some it will be Iraq and the horrific loss of life, tremendous expense, and ultimate futility of "democratically." For others, it will be Homeland Security, underfunded bastard child that it is. For others still it will be 9/11, criminally predictable, and yet under-investigated.

Some may feel particularly incensed by Abu Ghraib, and the total denial of Geneva Convention compliance. Others, perhaps veterans, may be touched by the lack of preparation and equipment sent with the troops to Iraq. And some may even be really pissed off that a manifestly insane idea set forth by the New American Century folks should be used as a proving ground for American hegemony, using young soldiers as raw meat fed to the war machine for a "cause."

Whatever the issue, keep it in focus. Don't be distracted by Times New Roman superscripts, or Swift Boat hankers, or Cheney's guttural rumbling of doom. The real issue is the total utter failure of the Bush gang to do anything good for the USA.

If I trusted a parental figure to guide me to safety and comfort, and instead I was abused, lied to, malnourished, and beaten, I would NEVER want to trust that person again. How then, should we trust Bush et al with another chance at surrogate parenthood? They have failed the test. And we need to keep reminding people.