Sunday, June 12, 2005

England swings

Downing Street part II. Here's the big update from Shakespeare's Sister:

The big news is that there has been another leaked British document, confirming that it was "necessary to create the conditions" for the legality of the Iraq War.
The Times' coverage of it can be read here:,,2087-1650822,00.html
My post on it is here:

Also, there's a great editorial in the St. Petersburg Times here that you might find useful (and hopeful):

What I find interesting is that, although it hasn't really made the MSM, the 101st Fighting Keyboarders haven't made too much about it either. No "That font doesn;t look British"-type crap, just a few comments of the usual "Would you rather have Saddam?" variety.

Actually, the answer is yes. See Ranger Shade @ Kos here:

I didn't think it was possible to depress me more about Iraq. I was wrong.

An hour before dawn, the sky still clouded by a dust storm, the soldiers of the Iraqi army's Charlie Company began their mission with a ballad to ousted president Saddam Hussein. "We have lived in humiliation since you left," one sang in Arabic, out of earshot of his U.S. counterparts. "We had hoped to spend our life with you."

Now keep in mind, these are the Iraqis supposedly on OUR side. If that's the sentiment of the people who AREN'T shooting at our boys and girls, one can only imagine what the Iraqis who actually hate our military forces there feel.

And it only gets worse from there.

We broke it, how the hell do we fix it?