Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tie me kangaroo down, sport

In a shamless and whorish attempt to increase traffic, skippy the bush kangaroo pleads, no, begs, no grovels...yeah, that's the ticket. See here

Skippy is about to celebrate his 3rd year riding the big waves of the blogocean (just made that up). He also is zeroing in on 1 million hits, something mere mortals such as myself can only dream about... my precioussss...

He is hoping to have both events coincide, which would be a moment of celestial proportions, momentous in nature, vast in scope, steeped in history, worshipped and adored. And damned cool!

Anyway, skippy is great, the blog is necessary for continued existance of life on this planet, so go, dammit, and pay homage.

Once, twice, three times...


skippy said...

thanks for the link, steve! i added your blog to my blogroll!

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