Friday, January 20, 2006

He's fighting for the USA

While trolling through the internets, I came across the forums for the Tampa Bay & St. Pete Times, which has an interesting bunch of political fora inside.

Here's a post from one of them re: John Murtha, from someone known as HA6: (scroll down, no direct link)
What Secretary Webb's article fails to mention is that Webb himself is a Marine Corps' hero having earned the Navy Cross in VietNam. That decoration is the next highest behind the Medal of Honor.
As a Marine Corps' combat veteran myself of Korea - two tours, Lebanon, Israel as an advisor to the IDF and three tours in VietNam, I think questioning Murtha's service is ludicrous. The Marine Corps' award system does not pass out Bronze Stars much less those combat "V"s on a whim. Purple Hearts have to be substantiated as well and there is a letter from the Corps to Murtha attesting to his awards.

The award matter is a non-issue!

I do not find fault with what he has said, only how he said it. He has a strong conviction and what he said came from much soul searching and deep feeling. That too is a non-issue as far as I am concerned.

What is despicable is the person whose aZZ he whipped resorted to such gutter sniping. I am pleased Murtha has been the gentleman he is through these sordid attacks. I don't agree with his politics either but have high regard for him as a Marine.

Those of us privileged enough to be called Marine certainly understand that the Marine Motto, Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), is a way of life, not just words. He shows faith to his office and to his Corps. No one can fault him for that!
My good friend Jane's crusade to have Murtha give the Dem rebuttal to the SOTU address seems not to have born fruit. Still, this guy may be a Godsend to the Left. The Swiftboating hasn't seemed to hurt him yet, other than among the really foul freepers and LGFrs. And the Democratic Underground board that they and Jane set up seems to have been swamped right out of action, which, although sad, still says volumes about the Left and our passion.

Murtha came across on 60 Minutes as someone well spoken, articulate, and NOT AFRAID TO SAY HE WAS WRONG THEN AND RIGHT NOW! A position, I might add, would do well to be adopted by some on the left (Lieberman meet Beinert).

Oh, and filibuster Alito.