Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dynamite's in the belfry playin' with the bats

From one of my pro audio email lists (I work in the recording industry in Los Angeles) came the following tonight, after the SOTU address:

An early assessment of Lex Bushusuru II, 2006

Gentle reader, if you prefer comforting lies to harsh truths, don’t read this column.

The state of the union is disastrous. By its naked aggression, bullying, illegal spying on Americans, and illegal torture and detentions, the Bush administration has demonstrated American contempt for the Geneva Convention, for human life and dignity, and for the civil liberties of its own citizens. Increasingly, the US is isolated in the world, having to resort to bribery and threats to impose its diktats. No country any longer looks to America for moral leadership. The US has become a rogue nation.

Least of all did President Bush tell any truth about the economy. He talked about economic growth rates without acknowledging that they result from eating the seed corn and do not produce jobs with a living wage for Americans. He touted a low rate of unemployment and did not admit that the figure is false because it does not count millions of discouraged workers who have dropped out of the work force.

Americans did not hear from Bush that a new Wal-Mart just opened on Chicago’s city boundary and 25,000 people applied for 325 jobs (Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 26), or that 11,000 people applied for a few Wal-Mart jobs in Oakland, California. Obviously, employment is far from full.

Neither did Bush tell Americans any of the dire facts reported by economist Charles McMillion in the January 19 issue of Manufacturing & Technology News:

During Bush’s presidency the US has experienced the slowest job creation on record (going back to 1939). During the past five years private business has added only 958,000 net new jobs to the economy, while the government sector has added 1.1 million jobs. Moreover, as many of the jobs are not for a full work week, “the country ended 2005 with fewer private sector hours worked than it had in January 2001.”

Sounds pretty good, no?

Well it might be, except it comes from the officially batshit crazy VDare folks.

Remember them? They also write things like:
Mexico was America’s first girlfriend. Her fiery black eyes, her music, her food, all cast a spell over America, and America can’t shake her off. Ask Marty Robbins about her. Remember "Feleena," El Paso," "Devil Woman," and all that inimitable sentiment over a Mexican girl?

But now she’s fat, pregnant, and wants to move in!

Mexico is claiming her rights. She belongs to America, and to everything America has. She says America is the father of her baby.

Whether into our ears, our eyes, or into the house next door, the Mexican move-in seems perfectly natural to many people. The dark side—gangs, criminals, drugs, as well as the decomposition of the economic infrastructure of states and cities due to the "welfare" abuse by illegal Mexicans, has yet to tarnish that glorious stereotype of a simple, beautiful, romantic Mexican girl.
Total fiscal benefits of deportation are thus estimated at $51 billion per year—$25 billion in deficit reduction and $26 billion in foregone displacement losses.

At this rate, mass deportation would pay for itself in about four years.

Plus, of course, we’d get America back.
I guess this means that, while really truly xenophobic, the VDare folks also care about some issues that resonate with progressives.

Or it may just be that they think the Far Right as led by GWBush is simply too liberal.

I dunno. "The enemy of my enemy..."

Nope, they're still batshit crazy. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.