Saturday, February 11, 2006

Going back to Houston, Houston, Houston

"Oh my bags are packed,
I'm ready to go..."

Well, I'm off for a week to Houston, home of the Rockets, and some other teams I can't remember.

My mission there, to do what I do: make a new recording studio sing. A long-time friend relocated back there from Sunny Southern California a while back, and sold his studio out here. And after about a year and a half, his brand new studio is almost ready to spring into action. Here's the link:

Lucky Run Studio

Embracing the best of older analog technology with the leader in modern digital recording and editing-Digidesign's ProTools & Icon/DControl control surface, he hopes to become a major player in the growing Houston music scene. And, by extension, draw some clients from San Antonio and Austin.

I'll miss the lovely Pam like crazy. She's my one and only, who keeps me sane and focused. Unfortunately, she has too much work out here to make the trip. But we'll talk everyday, email too, and as she has graciously offered to let me take her shiny new iBook, I'll be blogging from Deep In The Heart Of Texas.

I'll be back Sunday Feb. 19th, the day after the next LA Blogger's Secret Decoder Ring Society Meeting, dang it. I'm sure several of the attendees will blog about it.

We've created a little community of active bloggers here in Los Angeles, with some members temporarily in absentia (Jane). We try to support each other, and have organized several events, including 2 private meet-ups with General Wes Clark, and a meeting tonight with Debra Bowen, a long-time CA State Senator who currently running for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State.

About 6 or so of us had dinner with Ms. Bowen tonight and talked extensively about her pet issue, election fraud and reform. I'll write more later, but she is one sharp lady, and I will seriously think about recommending her.

So I'll wish myself bon voyage, and Houston, here I come.