Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Everybody knew you didn't give no lip to Big John

John Kerry is pretty good today:
So Bill Frist wants the Taliban to be a part of the government in Afghanistan? If we can’t beat them, join them?

Reading the coverage of Bill Frist’s trip to Afghanistan, there’s a lot to say.

I could say it’s Dr. Frist’s worst diagnosis since the public spectacle of his Terri Schiavo diagnosis on the Senate floor.

I could say that Bill Frist who once pathetically labeled Democrats who are right about Iraq the “Defeatocrat Party,” is now the Senate’s leading spokesperson for those who are dead wrong on Afghanistan – the “Retreaticans.”

But all of that would do a disservice to just how profoundly wrong Sen. Frist is about Afghanistan, and how little leadership he’s providing when he just throws his hands up in the air and suggests the only hope is to bring the Taliban into the government as if it’s the inevitable outcome of what American troops began so bravely after September 11th.

Reaching an accommodation with terrorists isn’t the answer. We know what happened when the Taliban was in power Afghanistan: one of the most repressive regimes of modern times ruthlessly brutalized its citizens and allowed the world’s worst terrorists to attack us from its territory. We know they are still receiving support and guidance from al Qaeda as they try desperately to return to the bad old days. And we know they are not part of the democratically elected government we have sacrificed so much for.

Go read the rest, it's pretty danged good.