Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And I feel my finger on your trigger

From a commenter on Jane Smiley's post at HuffPo tonight:
It has always seemed to me that the NRA and people who insist on their right to own guns, while trying to make a big macho show of it, are really a bunch of frightened little bed-wetters who can't imagine facing everyday life without superior firepower. Whether they find themselves up against a burgular, a cow, or a duck, they are not man enough to face that life-or-death challenge without the coward's favorite tool...a gun. Geeze, my home defense kit consists of a dented aluminum baseball bat and I sleep just fine at night. I grew up in a hunting community surrounded by family and friends who owned guns, and with all due respect, what I learned is the more guns in a person's gun cabinet, the bigger the wimp (or sometimes psycho)they are. That's the problem with folks today, they mistake weakness for strength, fear for bravery. It's enough to make you puke sometimes, especially on days like today, when the worms come out to defend the rights of a slug who just murdered dozens of innocent people.