Monday, April 02, 2007

It never gets better or worse

Just heard on Faux News' Red Eye:
Iran is as politically divided as America, between Republicans & Democrats, extremists and moderates.


Around the time I was invited to start blogging at Huffington Post, I noticed an irreverent and frankly silly writer there named Greg Gutfeld. Now he even has his own show on Fox called Red Eye.

Here a bit from his wikipedia page:
Greg Gutfeld (b. 1965) is host of Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld on the FOX News Channel and a conservative contributor to the Huffington Post.

Frequent targets of Gutfeld's sarcasm include Deepak Chopra, Cenk Uygur, Arianna Huffington, and even the site's readers. Gutfeld is often antagonistic, and his posts are simultaneously condemned and applauded by many who leave comments at the site. Since February 5, 2007 he has been host of Fox News late night program Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. Gutfeld previously served as editor of Maxim Magazine in the UK from 2004 to 2006. However, Gutfeld's contract expired without renewal after massive losses in readership under his tenure. His final year at Maxim saw a loss of about 40,000 readers.

Good work at Maxim. I guess failing there is a resume item guaranteed to promote you upward to Fox.

Tonight he had on one person who wasn't insane, a woman named Rudi Bakhtiar, born in Iran, who actually said the above, and seemed interested in analyzing the current hostage situation.

Opposed to her was some sweaty British 20-something named Kevin Godlington who parroted the "Blair doesn't have Maggie's balls" meme, another vacuous guy, and a forgettable woman.

Later, they un-ironically criticized UK schools for not teaching "historically unpopular" subjects, like the Holocaust. I'm glad we have no similar censorship problems here in America.

The show is either so badly produced or low budget that no guest line-up is shown in Fox's web site.

Oh well, I though it was pretty funny, and telling.