Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Go tell it on the mountain

The National Press Club has scheduled a panel discussion on blogging and journalism. The three panelists so far are:

John Stanton
Jeff Gannon (James Guckert)

Say what? A cute, wickedly funny sex/gossip blogger, a gossip blogger, and Jeff Gannon?

Male escort, party boy, military stud wanna be, and partner (in crime) of Scott McClellan at White House press conferences. That's the guy.

I know, let's have a conference on science and invite, say, oh hell, I can't do this. I can't think of a metaphor stupid enough to work.

Sean Paul at the Agonist has to details, including an open letter to the PRess Club signed by many prominent bloggers, as well as small fry like me.

Go read, make the calls. If you care. And I know you do.

Editor & Publisher also has this.