Thursday, November 17, 2005

Party all the time, party all the time

Several of us, a loosely allied and rag tag bunch of LA bloggers, were invited to the home of the lovely and talented Arianna Huffington tonight for the impressive party she threw for Gawker Media/Yahoo/Huffington Post's new alliance. Bloggers in attendance beside us were Brian Linse (AintNoBadDude), Greg Saunders (TheTalentShow), Joseph and Alex (MartiniRepublic), Brad Friedman (BradBlog), John Amato (CrooksandLiars), Kevin Roderick (LA Observed), and others I likely missed.

Arianna was, as always, gracious. As when she came to the LA blogger party at our house last August, she meets and greets everyone equally, and makes each and everyone feel welcome and valuable. In her talk to the assembled masses, Arianna praised the direction blogging has taken the media, as witnessed by the successful pairing of Gawker & Yahoo.

That said, we also observed Ron Silver, who, like his character on West Wing, is a political animal with no true center, able and willing to swing with the breeze of convenience and shallow thought.

Mickey Kaus was also there, and I wanted to ask him what the hell he was thinking when he recently wrote, post-Katrina, that rescinding Davis-Bacon protection for local workers was a really groovy idea, to speed up government response and bypass bureaucracy. But I didn't.

I also had an interesting exchange with Paul Bond, West Coast Business Editor of The Hollywood Reporter, who, while charming, asked me I was thinking when I told Arianna that Woodward had again proven himself less than credible, while his
mea culpa with Len Downie was less about Bob and more about Len's loose standards.

Anyway, it was a pleasant gathering, Arianna was charming, and deserves thanks for opening her home to so many folks, and I'm just really glad that Silver didn't bring his latest squeeze, the effervescent and delightful Ann Coulter.

I might'a hurled.

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