Thursday, August 02, 2007

We are on a witch hunt, Hunt her down, for will she sink or float? We want independence from her spell

Cheney Blasts "Witch Hunt" on Capitol Hill
(CNN)–Vice President Dick Cheney told CNN’s Larry King that he stands by and supports embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.
“Al’s a good man, a good friend, on a difficult assignment,” Cheney said.
“Are you troubled by what appears to have happened, the appearance of him not telling the truth?” King asked.
“Well, I don’t want to get into the specifics with respect to his testimony and the questions that were asked. I know Al on a personal and professional basis and I hold him in high regard,” Cheney replied.
The Vice president again re-stated his support for Gonzales.When asked his thoughts on the Democrats investigation in the Senate regarding the firings of U.S. Attorneys, Cheney was equally resolute.
“With respect to the U.S. Attorneys, there has been, I think, a bit of a witch hunt on Capitol Hill as they keep rolling over rocks hoping they can find something,” he said. “But there really hasn’t been anything that has come up to suggest that there was any wrongdoing of any kind.”
Gotta love it, eh? So, when the neocons are spending lots of time and millions investigating a blowjob or trying to dig up dirt from past financial dealings it's a "criminal investigation", but when the Democrats try to get to the bottom of shananigins deliberately kept secret from the American people that actually DO affect them, such as dragging them into a war that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives for not the original stated reasons or the firing of U.S. Attorneys for reasons that would appear to be political, then it's called a "witch hunt".
Interesting how that works, huh? Had Dubya gotten a knee-trembler in the oval office by some intern and then lied about it, whether under oath or not, I really couldn't care less. To me, that's between his wife and himself. He's already proven himself to be a pathological liar in all regards, so whether he's under oath or just giving the usual line of bullshit to the press, it hardly hurts the "integrity" of the office, since everything King George and his gang has put forth has already diminished our country and what it stands for, both to the American people and other countries. But the Bush gang are clever. They have learned that telling WHOPPERS that hide dealings that enrich themselves and their cronies while harming America is quite alright as long as they dodge subpoenas and the bibles to put their dirty little hands on, whereas saying a lie under oath about a BJ that really should only be fodder for the tabloids is worthy of impeachment. Yeah, it's wrong to lie under oath, but did it get us into a costly war with Iraq? The mistake Clinton made was he didn't use all the weasel-like tricks Bush and his ilk are using to keep from being under oath when they lie. The message seeming to be "We can lie, lie, lie and lie some more, and it's okay, so as long as we don't do it under oath." I find it hard to get behind the argument "it's the PRINCIPLE" as to why Clinton deserved to be impeached for lying under oath when this current administration has shown zero principle and honesty in any and all of it's dealings.
“But there really hasn’t been anything that has come up to suggest that there was any wrongdoing of any kind.”
Um, maybe that's sort of because no one answers a subpoena or, if they do, gets convenient amnesia when on the stand, right Dick? Heck, according to Vice-Witch Cheney his vouching for Alberto Gonzales ought to be enough. And I'm sure there was a very good explanation for U.S. Attorney Witch Gonzales to have been practically putting a pen in doped-up hospitalized John Ashcroft's hand while holding a copy of an illegal domestic wire-tapping program document... yes, a VERY good explanation... well, uh, as soon as he can think of one. Damn witch-hunting Democrats. Why do they have to ask so many nosy questions?

So, do you think Alberto Gonzales would weigh as much as a duck?

Maybe there wouldn't have to be so much of a "hunt" if everyone in this administration wasn't working so hard to HIDE, and as for witches... well, Dick, if the broomstick fits...

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