Sunday, March 26, 2006

There's a devil in the bottle

My friend Wintermute emailed this to me, in which we see Hank Williams, Jr. hasn't quite given up his "whiskey bent and hell bound" ways:
A 19-year-old waitress at The Peabody told Memphis police that country singer Hank Williams Jr. choked her after trying to kiss her and cussing her out.
The attack happened just after midnight Saturday and was witnessed by at least one other hotel employee, Holly Hornbeak told police.

. . .

Brown denied hotel managers tried to discourage Hornbeak from contacting police, as she told police.

Hornbeak told police she was waiting tables when Williams started asking her questions. She said he called her a "dumb bitch," then asked to kiss her, a police report said.

After more name-calling, Williams put her in a choke hold and lifted her off the ground, she said.
Nice. There's some Red State country music traditional values for you.