Friday, May 22, 2009

Well, gotta know the enemy

Dick Cheney determined to attack inside the United States:
One of the overlooked aspects of Dick Cheney’s speech today was his extensive linking of 9/11 to weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear weapons), Saddam Hussein, and Iraq.

In addition to his full-throated defense of torture, Cheney described the national security context as one in which they foremost fear was “a 9/11 with weapons of mass destruction.”

Cheney said al Qaeda was seaking nuclear weapons and that because Iraq had “known ties” to terrorists, the Bush administration focused on Iraq because it was a regime that “might transfer such weapons to terrorists.”


Seriously, what the hell is he trying to accomplish? The moderates in the Republican Party (all 4 of them) would love for him to return to his undisclosed location, while the base (23% of America) gets a big boner every time he speaks.

Hey, wait! For us on the progressive left, that seems like a win-win.

Go Dick go!