Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I read the news today ... oh, boy

In the 'non-apology apology' department we bring you balls of Steele:
GOP chairman says era of apologizing is over

"It is done. The time for trying to fix or focus on the past has ended. The era of Republican navel-gazing is over. We have turned the corner on regret, recrimination, self-pity and self-doubt. Now is the hour to focus all of our energies on winning the future."
Wow, I must have missed the whole part about republicants' apologizing. Maybe I missed it when I LOL when he said the future was teabagging and Reagan.
In the "Look ever there, something shiny!" department. Nancy Pelosi must really be in trouble because both Democrats and republicants agree with her! The CIA lies. Gosh, who knew!?
The CIA’s Comedy of Briefing List Errors
Of course the whole ginned up Pelosi faux controversy is just a distraction from the folks who instigated, directed and performed the torture.

I'm not a fan of Pelosi's, but she's the one calling to investigate everyone involved. Seems like a good idea to me.
From the 'You're not doing it right' department comes this:
DA: Girl Whose Parents Prayed to Defeat Illness Suffered 'Needless' Death

A Weston woman, accused of praying instead of seeking medical attention for her dying daughter, suffered a medical emergency as her homicide trial got under way but appeared OK about 30 minutes later.
Moments later her attorneys expressed concern, asking for a recess so they could get her some air. She appeared visibly weak as her husband and others escorted her from the courtroom to a downstairs office.

Judge Vincent Howard ordered court security to call 911 and have Neumann medically evaluated.
Gosh, wasn't she praying hard enough!? If only her daughter had been medically evaluated.

In a related note:
After the Rapture: Orlando man will deliver messages to those left behind

There are those who believe in the Rapture prophesied in the Bible. And there is Joshua Witter, avowed atheist.
As sure as the True Believers are they will escape this earth when the Rapture arrives, Witter is just as certain he will be left behind to deliver their mail. He has committed blasphemy to make sure.
Now for some brain bleach:

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