Sunday, November 14, 2004

It's your thing, do what you wanna do

Lambert at Corrente posted the following question:

Whither Corrente?

After 11/2, everything changed.

We're not going away, but we need to think about where we are going. Readers?

I responded in his comments, and here's what I said:

You folks, as well a few of the other clear leaders of the lefty blog movement, have been responsible for starting and keeping very important conversations alive.

You even helped me decide to start my own humble blog, and that's a powerful action. Each one of us, as writers, readers, and advocates will reach that many more people, and, hopefully, change and awaken that many more dormant minds.

Keep being funny, outraged, pissy, brilliant. And for me, the Kos diaries aren't the way for you to go; Kos is doing that already. Perhaps some longer pieces, position papers, perhaps. Perhaps campaigns to get OpEd page access in friendly newspapers. Perhaps action campaigns: "Every Correntian in Los Angeles meet next Sunday PM by the Federal building on Wilshire to protest . . ."

But don't worry too much about what to do, just keep doing. Everyone, including the Corrente collective, has a different personality, so appropriate action will evolve naturally.

Keep it up, guys.

We all will continue to find our own voices, and we will raise them up in a mighty symphony of progressive song. Sounds corny but there it is. Each person, each blog, each group will continue what has started the last few years, and will fight with activism, commentary, money, whatever tools we may have at our disposal. We're all in this tigether, and we all have different jobs.

Do your jobs!

P.S. I was at first going to title this post "Rich Correntian Letter," but sense prevailed.

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