Tuesday, November 09, 2004

UCLA Studio Maintenance field trip 11/11-Update

Update: No luck rearranging a field trip this week, so let's do it next week, 11/18.

Also, since we need to have 3 make up meetings, can everybody vote on what nights are best, or even perhaps Saturdays? How does Tuesday night sound? Either post your choice in the comments section, or email me, the link for mail is in the left column near the top, in case you have forgotten it.



Well, it looks like we struck out. I tried to make it happen with 2 studios, but both got bookings.

I will try another one tomorrow (Wednesday), so check back here, but as of now, it looks like we will have Thursday, 11/11 off.

One of the studios told me that we could do it next Thursday., 11/18, so email me if that sounds like a good idea.

One way or another, we'll see each other next Thursday, 11/18.

Again, check back tomorrow night or Thursday morning, just in case I can make something happen.

Thanks, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Studio Next Thurs. (11/18) sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Thursday 11/18 sounds good... as for a Tuesday night, I'm taking another class that evening (Record Production 1). however, the last session for that class seems to be Nov. 30th. I could do a Tues. after Nov. 30th.

As for Saturday, that could work...



Anonymous said...

OK Steve. I'll be in contact with students Mauricio Salazar and David Stowater, so they'll know...

As far as make-ups go: Weekend nights are out. I'm a freelance musican, so Fri-Sat nights are my work hours( 9pm on). But most fri-sat. afternoons are open. Monday and tuesday nights are the only free nights I have, so either will work for me.

Greg Curtis