Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'd like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love

Here's another look at Coke's racial discrimination lawsuit we discussed in the last post. A website called has this thought provoking post:
This unprecedented case of racial extortion has resulted in Coca Cola paying $500 million dollars or more to silence racial activists and to keep Coke sales among minorities up. Coke was never allowed to prove itself innocent of racial discrimination charges in a court of law.

(A) Quota Cola Background:

Four disgruntled black employees of Coca Cola filed a racial discrimination lawsuit based on unsubstantiated charges that Coke (a) underpaid them because they are black; and (b) created a hostile work environment.

The allegations of these 4 black employees were never proven in a court of law. Nonetheless, their clever lawyers managed to extort over $475,200,000 from Coke without ever setting foot in a court of law! Incidentally, the plaintiff's lawyers walked away with over $20,000,000 in legal fees.

. . .

(E) Race-Based, Non-White Policies Coke Must Implement:

Publicly, Coca Cola maintains that the changes in their business practices demanded by the racial quota lobby are "forward-looking and are designed to ensure that Coca-Cola will treat all employees fairly." But the fine print makes it quite clear Coke is spending over $475 million specifically NOT for the benefit of white males.

(Note: emphasis added)

Not too subtle, it's the "Return of The Angry White Male."

In a refreshingly bold bit of hypocrisy, they have this about Bill Lann Lee, late of The Dept. of Justice Office of Civil Rights. In '97, Clinton appointed Lee, but the Republican controlled congress refused to confirm him. Now get this, posted with no visible irony or shame:
Subsequently, Clinton waited until Congress was in recess and illegally appointed Lee to the post as a "recess appointment".

Savor that, it tastes sweet. Let's learn the phrase:
Illegal recess appointment.
Illegal recess appointment.
Illegal recess appointment.
Illegal recess appointment.
Illegal recess appointment.

Now go use it.

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