Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jane you’re playin a game you can win girl

Pam & I had lunch with the effervescent and gracious Jane from firedoglake (Jane bought, just for the record), and as usual, she/we solved, again, many of the world's problems.

After hearing her present her case re: PlameGate & Judy Miller, Pam & I think she's right on point with her analysis, esp. re: the new leak of Libby's missal to Judy, which reads much like a note to a convict explaining where the file is inside the cake.

Judy reminds me of the famous Gilda Radner character of the same name. A desire to entertain coupled with a certain sense of her own self worth is oddly charming in a 6 year old TV creation, but hardly seems appropriate for a news diva whose main contribution is the cheerleading of a vile Right Wing driven war.

Thanks, Jane, for lunch, and much much more.

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