Monday, July 17, 2006

And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’

From Al-Jazeera today, poll update:
Who do you think is mainly to blame for the current Middle East crisis?

Hezbollah :
Iran and Syria :
Israel :
Lebanon :
United States :
All of the above :
None of the above :

Number of pollers : 46350
At least six people have been killed in the latest air strikes by Israeli warplanes in Lebanon, raising the death toll there to more than 200.

The six, all civilians from one family, were killed during an air raid that hit a house early on Tuesday in a Lebanese border village, as diplomatic efforts brought no signs of an end to the week-old assault launched in retaliation against Hezbollah attacks.

"We are working with our bare hands and so far we have recovered six bodies. More are still under the rubble," Salim Mourad, head of Aytaroun's village municipality, told Hezbollah's Al-Manar television.

Israel's military action in Lebanon has so far killed 210 people, all but 14 of them civilians, and inflicted the heaviest destruction in the country for two decades, with attacks on ports, roads, bridges, factories and petrol stations.

God, this makes me sad. Israel has the power of sympathy for its founding, and by extension, the Holocaust, and yet squanders it in what may be a foolhardy attempt to resist the aggression of Hezbollah.

Everyone in the US Administration thought Iraq would be a cakewalk, that grateful Iraqis would be dancing in the street.

Israel certainly doesn't hope for Lebanese dancing in the street, but they may find the going in Lebanon, and Syria, and even Iran, to be as much of a quagmire as the US has in Iraq.

Then what happens-that's what scares the crap out of me. We'll have Iran and Israel, with the US waiting in the wings, all with nuclear capabilities. As of now, all 3 have shown some small restraint. But for how long? And at what cost?

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