Monday, July 03, 2006

Horowitz Update: Davy dancin' in the moonlight

Replying to the email I got from David Horowitz, I sent back the following email:
Thanks for the reply.

The thing is, we've known about Presidential retreats for years. The use of Camp David, used by Roosevelt starting in '42, was a direct result of Secret Service concerns about the visibility of his yacht that had previously been his getaway. But the location of Camp David was known to all. And we certainly were at war, with a real declaration from Congress at that time. Security was tight at and around Camp David, but still, the location was known. And we were concerned with potential terrorist attacks, since we interned apanese-Americans.

Are you suggesting we somehow un-ring that bell, or perhaps the POTUS, VPOTUS, et al be spirited away to some undisclosed location for the duration of the GWOT? Hardly seems an American thing to do.

Also, as has been mentioned in some media, the Washington Post previously published an article, with Rumsfeld's permission, that gave locations of Rumsfeld's home and the soon to be purchased Cheney home.

And NewsMax, hardly "liberal Media" had also already published the same information. I have yet to hear anyone on the right demand the WaPo and NewsMax be branded as treasonous.

Thanks for the opportunity to have this dialog.



And here's what I got back from Dave (I call him Dave):
First, these are not presidential retreats. Second, this is the most divisive war America has fought since the Civil War, and it is a war with terrorists. Consequently, the potential for crank attacks on American leaders is much greater.

Dave clearly misses my point. He says they are not presidential retreats. I suppose that makes somehow private. But the locations were previously made public with permission of the occupants. It's hard to make a case for date rape when the alleged victim takes his own clothes off.

His remark about the most divisive war is interesting. What exctly makes it so divisive? Could it be the public's current distaste, which doesn't agree with GWBush & Co's zeal for it? That's pretty divisive.

Or is it that the Administration has railed against Kerry, Murtha, Conyers, and any other critic of the war as being traitorous? That's pretty damn divisive.

And still, why no criticism of NewsMax? Why, Dave?

I'm sure the next chapter in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy against the NYTimes will be to complain when they publish that there are actually troops in Iraq. That's aiding the terrorists, too. No?


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