Monday, September 11, 2006

Headed for eternity and destined for nothing

That's it, I give up. Mr. President, you want to own 9/11? Well, you can have it.

Here's your prize:
Surely that's enough of a gift, Mr. President.

You now own 9/11. It's all yours. Every stinking part of it. Every death from lies, from idiotic attacks on Iraq. Every human tragedy. Every mention in history books will forever carry your name:
"Bush, who was President when 9/11 occured, failed to bring the perpetrators to justice, and instead invaded Iraq, igniting greater terrorist and insurgent activities in the already volatile Middle East. For this reason, and others, he has come to be known as an extremely unpopular President whose two terms are considered by historians to be a low point in American politics."

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