Monday, July 04, 2005

Digby has a barrow in the marketplace

Digby said something that has been rattling around in my head, and may be of great import. See what you think: (based on one of his commenters)

So the question is -- in the work-up process beginning about March 2003, who had the information re: Plame?

I think it was John Bolton. At the time he was State Department Deputy Secretary with the portfolio in WMD and Nuclear Proliferation. Assuming that Valerie Plame's identity was that of a NOC (No Official Cover) the information about her would have been highly classified, compartmentalized, and only those with a need to know would know. Bolton's Job probably gave him that status. However to receive it he would have to sign off on the classification -- that is he would have to agree to retain the security the CIA had established.

At the time, Bolton had two assistants who also worked in the White House in Cheney's office, David Wurmser and John Hannah. Their names have been around as the potential leakers -- Hannah if you remember is the guy who kept putting the Yellow Cake back in Bush's speeches even though Tenet had demanded it be removed.

So -- I think we have a game of catch going on here -- or maybe some version of baseball, and the scoring is Bolton to Wurmser and Hannah, to Cheney (and/or Libby) to Rove.

I suspect getting Rove on Perjury is more or less step one in walking back the path of the ball.

Lest there be any doubt about Bolton's true calling, remember, he was king of the Florida Recount.

As they are fond of saying on West Wing, you don't have Code Word Clearance. Karl may be a top dog, but did he actually have the juice to KNOW who Valerie Plame was?

Not according to most CIA folks. They say that agent's names are pretty well protected. So as we see the Rove thing unravel, will we see fingers pointed farther down the path?

We'll see.