Sunday, July 10, 2005

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Had coffee today with the delightful Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake fame. We, of course, solved all the problems of the world, while conspiring to drive the Radical Right from our shores like the vermin they are. I dunno, maybe they should have their own country, called Oligarchia, where the factions can argue for either Small Gubmint (Grover Norquist's team, "The DC Huns") or Big Gubmint (William Kristol's guys, "The NeoGenghis Kahns").

Among the many things we talked about was Blogger itself, and how certain templates like the ONE I USE(!) look like crap in Safari, the browser used by most right thinking Mac creatures. So taking her advice, I switched templates, made a few other changes, and danged if it ain't spiffy.

Jane also brought up an interesting point, that it was Clinton (remember him? Centrist Dem, lots of growth and jobs, smaller deficit, healthier economy...yeah, that guy) who made the case to the country that an economically healthy USA was also a safer USA. Unlike now, with, you know, China owning our debt, and rampant unemployment, and a housing bubble, and Iraq costing billions, and...well, you get the idea.

We also discussed the hatred that certain of the right hold for Bill, and how illogical it is. (I know, redundant). After all, he was not nearly as far to the left on some issues as that old Commie Nixon, he who started the EPA. But what he wasn't was St. Ronnie, that old phony everyone wanted to trust. It's still one of the most infamous con jobs that has ever been perpetuated on the American people: the selling of Ronnie as Kindly Old Grandpa.

Just look back to what he did here in California as governor during the United Farm Worker's strikes. Their crime: They wanted to not pick grapes covered in malathion. Then he decimated the Air Traffic Controller's union. Their crime: they wanted to work less hours so that PLANES WOULD BE SAFER. Damn them!

So Bill comes along, and he isn't Kindly Old Ronnie. And his wife isn't Grandma Nancy, who had to marry Ronnie like any out of wedlock pregnant true Republican hypocrite, and who fed Ronnie his lines as his brain started to turn the same consistency as his denture cream, and who consulted astrologers, which surprisingly led to exactly no condemnation from Falwell, Robertson, et al.

But Bill wasn't Ronnie. And Hillary wasn't Nancy. And we'll have no national health care system, because that would make us somehow French. Instead we spend more per person for health care than any other industrialized nation. And we're stronger for that, I'm told by those on the right.

And we have school districts deciding that they can teach ID as a concept with equal weight to evolution. Because if the Department of Education has any real power, we'd all be speaking French. Schools in Redbutt, Arkansas, allowing teachings of The First Church of Ralph The Cabbage into the classroom makes us stronger.

Anyway, Jane and I solved all the world's problems. Now we just have to figure out how to let the rest of the world know.

And looks better. And that makes the world stronger. Thanks, Jane.

Update: I forgot to mention Kobe the Wonder Dog, so here is, as the kids say, a shout out. Yo, Kobe. Woof.