Monday, July 04, 2005

Outside it's America

Another Independence Day, and I can't help thinking, independence from what?

Obviously we threw off the shackles of tyranny from England years ago. Now, it seems a bit like celebrating the Angels winning the World Series in '02: monumental at the time, but when you wake up tomorrow, it's clearly another day. So what do we have to celebrate about today?

We're free from...

Religious tyranny?

Government intrusion into our lives?

Upward re-distribution of wealth?

Corrupt politicians?

Corrupt clergy and religious organizations?

Corporate greed?

The military-industrial complex?

Education by religious zealots?

Discrimination by sexual orientation?

Discrimination by gender?

Discrimination by race/ethnicity?

Lost manufacturing jobs?

Military deaths in a foreign country?

Government lies?

No links provided If you can't figure it out, you're just not paying attention.