Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Farking Around

A cop wrecked 'em:
Hollywood officer has history of crashes
An officer involved in an alleged cover-up of a wreck has had several accidents on duty, his file shows.

The Hollywood police officer involved in a rear-end crash that allegedly was covered up by fellow officers is no stranger to road accidents. His personnel file, obtained by the Sun Sentinel, shows he was involved in eight other crashes while driving his patrol car.

Joel Francisco, 36, an 11-year veteran of the force, was ordered to attend Driving Training School three times. Early in his career, he was suspended for being in three crashes within a year's time that were deemed preventable, the file says.
9 crashes and 3 mandated driving schools in 11 years. Mr Magoo has a better driving record.

Death Rules!
A Texas Judge on Trial: Closed to a Death-Row Appeal?

Soft-spoken and a devout Christian, Judge Sharon Keller presides as chief justice of Texas' highest criminal court. She's also known as "Sharon Killer" by her opponents, who are going to see her in court next week on charges of judicial misconduct.
Keller finds herself at this pass because of a four-word sentence she uttered on Sept. 25, 2007: "We close at 5."
Keller was reportedly at her home dealing with a repairman that afternoon when she got the request — and made her reply. Richard's lawyers failed to meet the deadline, and at 8:23 p.m. Richard was declared dead following a lethal injection.
After confessing, Richard claimed he was innocent, but his appeal centered on a history of alleged family abuse and his supposed IQ of 64.
A devout christain once again condemns a retarded man to death because she couldn't be bothered.

I hope when she gets to those pearly gates she believes in it goes something like this: "Hey, Saint Peter, this woman arrived late and her excuse is she got caught in traffic."
"Sorry, we close at five."

Pay for Play:
Supporters: Sex shop limits not dead

Opponents of sexually oriented businesses in Kansas aren't giving up on trying to limit their operations, even though the state attorney general says he won't enforce a law restricting their signs along highways.
The bill drafted by Kinzer's committee would prohibit adult stores within 1,000 feet of schools, libraries, public parks, private homes, day care centers, houses of worship or even another adult store.
"The adult entertainment businesses make the most money by far where there's legislative and social repression," he said. "Why do you think adult entertainment places come to Kansas?"
And as a corollary, why do you think conservatives buy the most porn online? Because they're too stupid to find it for free.

Mr.Peabody, set the Way, Way Back machine:
Charter school to teach creationism theories

A new public charter school under scrutiny because of plans to use the Bible as a primary source of teaching material says students will also explore several different theories of creationism.
School headmaster Val Bush says students will also explore several versions of creationism as part of their studies.
This is a public charter school, using taxpayer funds and teaching the bible. Their excuse that's it's just teaching about religion or history is patently false since they incorporate no other religious texts. Good luck with getting into college.

Irony alert!!!
Angry area man becomes face of health care debate

Has the angry man who confronted U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter at Tuesday's town hall meeting in Lebanon become the "Joe the Plumber" of health care?
Miller, 59, a blue-collar worker now living on disability, rushed toward Specter and yelled, "You're trampling on the Constitution! ... You and your cronies do this all the time" before leaving the hall.
Where the f**k is it written in the Constitution that we should pay his non-working a$$ for being disabled?

I'm not sure why I was reminded of this song, but here's some brain bleach:

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