Tuesday, August 04, 2009

No Matter What You Do

No matter what the Dems do the Grand Obstructionist Party will just say no. If legislation might be successful, they want to kill it, if legislation is successful, they definitely want to kill it.

If a former president actually gets Americans released from a communist country, they'll spin that as a bad thing.[Pfft, Bolton has such a great track record.]

See, it's OK for Nixon to make deals with China, it's OK for Reagan to make deals with Russia, it's OK for Rumsfeld to make deals with Saddam. It's always OKIYAR.

And, according to the wingnuts, everything a Dem does is by definition wrong.

In my fantasies I think that this a strategy on the part of Dems to let the party of fail just get wackier and torpedo themselves. In reality, I don't think Dems are that smart and they are in a race to the bottom with the repubs.

Here's an open letter to all elected Dems:
You can't argue with crazy, you can't fix stupid, and you can't bargain with repubs whose only goal is to make the country fail so that they can win the next election.

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