Monday, August 03, 2009

War Of The O'ses

War Of The O'ses

Glenn Greenwald - Salon:

Does anyone need it explained to them why it is so dangerous and destructive to have our political debates controlled by GE executives, sitting in their offices censoring the journalism of our leading media outlets in the name of "civility," code for: you will respect those who can harm us?
Our entire political culture is already designed to ensure corporate control of our political institutions. Their lobbyists literally write the laws enacted by Congress and control their implementation. The reason the journalism industry insisted for so long on the ludicrous fiction that corporate parents never violated the sanctity of journalistic independence is precisely because everyone understood why that would be so dangerous.
Apparently, they no longer feel a need to maintain that fiction.

It's not that we didn't see it coming. Absorption of an inconveniently independent media as a means of controlling the message is a strategy as old as the hills, irrespective of the ideology espoused.

Right-wing eradication (including such acts performed under the Clinton administrations) of laws covering media ownership and a contrasted balance of viewpoints merely hastened an inevitable process in America...The shaping of public perceptions into a form congruent with corporate dictates, the replacement of objective truth with subjective nuance, and the marginalization of contrary information.

Now, what can be done about it?