Sunday, September 04, 2005

All the chapel bells were ringing, in the little valley town

Responding to Joseph at Martini Republic's urging to wax religious again on Saturday, I came up with the idea to see what major religious bodies were doing/saying regarding Katrina.

Taking a look first at the Right Wing fundamentalist churches, here's what I found.

Those with a link on the front page:

Calvary Chapel

In response to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is extending aid to the communities directly affected by this tragedy.

A team is currently on the way to address the immediate and future needs of the communities in the area.

If you feel led to contribute to this relief endeavor please send your contributions to:(100% of your contribution will go directly to the relief.)

If your church would like to contribute or send a team to the gulf coast to minister through the local Calvary Chapels please send your contact information to Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain at:

Orange County based, very conservative mega organization, arguably at the fore of the Jesus Freak movement here in Southern California in the late '60s to early '70s. In the interest of full disclosure, my primary client (they had a recording studio) from about '88-'92


The Vinyard

We are getting a lot of calls and emails about what the National office is going to do in response to the situation along the Gulf Coast.

We do not have the resources at the National office to coordinate a response. I encourage local churches to form partnerships with other churches and the churches in the disaster area to respond to the needs in a concerted and effective way.

We have set up a fund for helping with relief. These funds will be distributed as it becomes evident where they will be most wisely used.

Please send checks to The Vineyard USA, P.O. Box 2089, Stafford, TX 77497 and note on the check "Katrina" fund.

Vineyard is a rival to Calvary Chapel, esp. in Orange County, also another former client of mine.

The Church On The Way

We have all been moved by the destruction and personal loss suffered by those in the gulf states of our Nation—Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida—through Hurricane Katrina. The televised images are horrific and for every image there are countless numbers of individual people whose lives have been completely changed. Those who once had jobs and homes, neighborhoods and families have suffered tremendous loss in what is being called one of the worst natural disasters in United States history. Mayor A.J. Holloway of Biloxi, Mississippi called it, “our tsunami,” and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said the scene is overwhelming.

There's more.

Based here in LA, they attract a fair amount of conservative industry folks.

Crystal Cathedral

Save them, Father, from dark fears
despite the devastation all around them.
You are the guard and guide
of all who place their trust in You.
So now may they rest
in Your abundant love and be strong.
Give them believing minds and trusting hearts.
Your peace shall be their strength,
and into Your hand of love
may they place their hands,
and face the future unafraid.


The page also contains links for donations. CC is pretty conservative, and seriously anti-union when they hire players for their Christmas extravaganza (camels, etc.). They also are slightly prosperity oriented, although not as bad as the infamous Reverend Ike.

First Evangelical Free Church

EFCA Compassion Ministries is responding to the needs indicated by our EFCA churches in the region hit by Hurricane Katrina. To get the latest information on our response, please click here.

Urban Impact Ministries, an EFCA mission in New Orleans, evacuated before the storm. To read about their ministry and their needs, click here.

To donate to the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief fund using our secure server, click here. You can also call our donor services team at (800) 745-2202 or mail in a donation. To mail in your donation, please make checks out to EFCA and send them to:

Another big conservative church based in Orange County.

The Tidings (Official Catholic news organ for the Diocese of Los Angeles)

Catholic Charities was just one of several national organizations gearing up to provide assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina, which slammed into the Gulf Coast east of New Orleans Aug. 29 and left dozens dead in its wake.

Mormon Church

The Church is responding to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Information is available on how you can help. For official Church news, see News from the Church and the Newsroom.

Now for some that really can't be bothered:

Saddleback Church

Seriously big mega church on south Orange County. Pastor is Rick Warren. His book, The Purpose Driven Life, is a long time best seller.

I've done audio technical work for them, nice folks, but a huge technically based organization. Better audio and video equipment than many TV networks.

The Vatican

Hey Joey Ratz: Thanks.

Not sure what any of this means, it was just interesting seeing what spin some of these outfits put on the whole relief issue.

While I have no trouble acknowledging that many of these churches have lovely people in their memberships, I am pretty cynical about management, especially the ones about whom I have insider knowledge.

Hopefully I'm wrong.

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