Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Merciful heavens! One of the stars on of the bloggersphere (Pam made that word up) is celebrating an anniversary. Let us bow down and worship even unto him, for he is pretty damn funny, and always right on.

Tbogg says here:

A quick check with our crack archivists has confirmed what I suspected: today is the three year anniversary of TBogg the blog (not to be confused with TBogg!: The Musical which is a lot like Stomp, but without the homoerotic overtones. Okay, maybe a few homoerotic overtones...but only in act two in the scene that takes place in the kitchen).

. . .

Unlike this guy, I didn't coin the term 'blogosphere", but I can lay claim to creating the following:

•The Virgin Ben
•Jenna and NotJenna
•The 101st Fighting Keyboarders
•America's Worst Mother™

...which will be my Canticle For Leibowitz when Internet historians under President Dancin' Jack Roberts survey The Great Blogging Paradigm and try to understand why the people of the era never noticed what a wanker Hugh Hewitt was.

Funny, I almost bought a used copy of Canticle for Leibowitz a few weeks ago in a book store in Ventura.

All I can add is this:
Well done, my friend
You've done it again
You've gone and broken another (right-wing) heart
Yeah, you've torn it apart

You've done it before
Hope to do it some more
You've got it down to a fine art

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