Monday, September 19, 2005

I get up, I get down

On this special day, her birthday, we quietly remember her.

I keep her picture above my desk, in the hall, and in my mind.

She was simple and clear, yet ever an enigma, with a complexity that sometimes was hidden.

She had depths unimagineable, yet lived on the surface, always right there to be in the moment with you, offering support, and always, love.

She was a soft rock, a warm and loving presence surrounding a firm and unshakeable core.

She lived her life quietly, never asking for applause, yet smiling when applause was offered.

She left us gracefully, never complaining, never demanding.

Often I feel I let her down, that I didn't give her what she needed toward the end. Yet, she never asked for more, she just looked at each of us with that same beautiful gaze, as if she knew something we didn't.

In so many ways, she was smarter, stronger, and more fully alive than the rest of us.

I love her, and miss her everyday.

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