Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well I'll bet you a kangaroo

Just received my very own skippy the bush kangaroo blogtopia (y!sctw!) t-shirt today, and boy oh boy, no one will wear it any more proudly than moi.

So as a special thanks to skippy, I'm going to post a picture of him and the lovely mrs. skippy, so that his legions of fans, and minions, too, can bask in the exalted skippitude of His Hoppiness.

So scroll down for the picture, it's the only place you'll ever see both skippy & mrs. skippy together on the web:

Keep going. . .

Here they are: skippy and mrs. skippy!

Ain't they cute?

Seriously, skippy is really one of the good guys, and our Angel's baseball cap is tipped to him.


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