Wednesday, November 28, 2007


VIA skippy we learned we shouldn't
Celebrate Turnaround in Iraq Just Yet

I just got back from Baghdad last week, and it was clear that violence has decreased. But it hasn't gone away. It is only back down to the 2005 level -- which to my mind is kind of like moving from the eighth circle of hell to the fifth.

I interviewed dozens of officers and none were willing to say we are winning. What they were saying is that at least now, we are not losing.
And we could provide you with all kinds of stats and reasons that the surge didn't work, but as Time Magazine's ass Ace reporter Joe Klein sez "I have neither the time nor legal background to figure out who's right"

OK then, moving on.
Crooks and Liars provides an open thread that contains a Darkblack tapestry:
The Last Bar-B-Que
Personally, I would have gone with "The Last Schtupper", but that's just me.

And last but not leashed, TBogg informs us that
the investigator investigating Karl Rove is being investigated ... for quashing investigations.
Bassets! ... uhh, I meant Bastards!

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