Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just take this job and shove it, I ain't workin here no more

According to the convoluted logic of this editorial, the striking WGA writers are hypocrites because they don't hate illegal immigrants, or something:
What's the difference between an illegal immigrant on a job and a "scab" that crosses a picket line? After all, aren't people both merely seeking work where they can find it? Aren't both willing to toil at a lower wage in an effort to feed their families?

The difference – at least in the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America – is Hollywood liberalism and the bicoastal 213/212 area-code universes that ideologically feed it.

For what the strike by the WGA has revealed yet again is that outrage among the Los Angeles-Manhattan intelligentsia over corporate greed, unfair labor practices, stagnating wages and vanishing job security is directly related to the income and education level of those threatened.

Consider for a moment the hundreds of thousands of Californians who have been forced from jobs in construction, landscaping, auto body repair, cable installation and a host of other jobs by an alliance of employers and an ethnocentric lobby that's hungry for demographic power.

Listen, idiot, everyone, me included, whose income derives from the Hollywood entertainment industry is worried about our jobs being outsourced as productions and even music scoring are going overseas.

And the main reason for that is bloated artist salaries, producers' bottom lines, and corporate greed. By the time production has wrapped, and Tom Cruis's salary of $25mil has been paid, producers seek to cut costs by a few thousand dollars and send animation, music scoring, and many other post-production tasks to Asia and Eastern Europe. And our world, that of crafts and trades, technicians and engineers, is one of the very few that has proven resistant to the corporate drive for hiring illegals, because of one word: unions.

Yep, the dreaded communist-front unions and guilds here in Hollywood police their own membership, while attempting to keep a living wage available for members.

The right-wing outrage and toadyism present in the editorial is staggering.

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