Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Walk The Prank IV

Welcome to yet another psychotic episode of Walk the Prank. Unlike previous posts, this one features the band leader/guitar player as instigator.

Set up: It's important to acknowledge your fellow musicians. It's normally done before a song or during a laid back vamp in the intro of a song with maybe a quick solo for each member as they're introduced. This is usually done towards the end of the show.

But on this night the gitfiddlist is a wee bit annoyed with the drummer.

Fun part: With this act we started the 3rd set with a double time, double kick drum, snare shuffling beat, (think 'Hot for Teacher' mated with 'Radar Love'.)

So the band leader/guitar player decides he's going to introduce the band ... and tell the audience how much he appreciates them ... and what his childhood was like ... what his favorite colors are ... etc, etc, etc.

You've heard of people dying on stage? I swear I thought the drummer was going to stroke out. If it had been Spinal Tap he would have burst into flames at the 5 minute mark. But he made it to almost 15 before he finally collapsed from exhaustion.

The band leader turned around and shot him a 'think you can f**k my girlfriend' look and segued into a keyboard intro ballad.

Ahh, good times, good times.

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