Thursday, November 08, 2007

Leaving's not leaving, 'cause I'm not leaving you behind

Our good friend and co-blogger Wintermute resigned today, in large part because of his commitment to working in local politics:
I’m revisiting my commitments today, and I decided y’all were carrying me on SteveAudio, so I took myself off. Thanks ever so much for the honor of writing with you.

Friend, you honor us by your contribution here. Thanks very much.

Without revealing who or where he is, I'll just say that Wintermute is very active in his community, is good friends with his congressperson, and works tirelessly for local progressive candidates. So if that noble work prevents him from writing here, well, the loss will be sweetened by the knowledge that his work is going to the greater good.

Thanks much, my friend, You're welcome back here any time.

ADDENDUM by The Sailor: SteveAudio said it better than I can so all I can do is say 'what he said!'

Good luck Wintermute, it's been my honor to work with you.

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