Saturday, June 14, 2008

Four brothers who are blowin our horns

Our good friend Brad Friedman of BradBlog guest-hosted the Peter B. Collins syndicated radio show this week. He asked a few other L.A.-based bloggers to come by for a round-table discussion of stuff and events.

I was glad to come by and check in with Brad. Also in studio were Howie Klein, D.L. "Bear" Bruin, with David "DDay" Dayen by phone. Brad was his usual smooth and witty self, Howie is chocked full of insider politics and Congressional race info from his Blue America work, Bear was funny, and I managed to not sound like a complete doofus.

The Collins radio show isn't syndicated in Southern CA, but the audio was all recorded and you can hear it by going to this link. Scroll down the page and click the link to the 3rd hour.

Photos taken by the lovely and talented Desi Doyen, who helped produce the show and is probably smarter than all 4 guys put together. Thanks, Desi!

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