Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I know I'm losing my appeal, 'Cause I was hung, drawn and quartered before my trial

Khadr Judge Fired Amid Record Squabble

Suspicion of Political Manuevers As 9/11 Trial Schedule Materializes

Colonel Says Speaking Out On Detainees Cost Him a Medal

US: Guantanamo Judge Not 'Fired'; Move Simply A 'Manpower Management Consideration'
The $$ quote in the last article: "In a statement yesterday, Marine Col. Ralph Kohlmann said Col. Peter Brownback was removed because the army had turned down an application to extend his active-duty status."

How interesting that in these days of the forced draft, (AKA stop loss), that the Army would refuse to let a senior officer re-enlist!

I'm suuuure that it had nothing to do with Col. Brownback's insistence on making the kangaroo court hop a bit slower and lower.

After all, it's not like Bushco is pursuing these cases because they're 'sexy' or timing them just before the November elections.

p.s. Australians are already asking the International Criminal Court to prosecute Bush's BFF, Australia's former Prime Minister John Howard for war crimes.

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