Thursday, June 05, 2008

Get 'em Up Against The Wall

So Happy Together

Mercury News:

SAN DIEGO—Workers in the San Diego County clerk's office who object to same-sex marriages may be excused from officiating at gay weddings.

County Clerk Gregory Smith says he is considering allowing his employees to opt out of the ceremonies for religious or moral reasons.

Smith says he doesn't think it's correct "to force employees to do it, and I don't think you would want someone who is hostile to your beliefs performing your ceremony."

Quite frankly, this is an insipid decision, on a par with allowing pharmacists to refuse dispensing of materials that conflict with their religious beliefs.

I realize that it takes a certain subjectively fragile suspension of reality to maintain fundamentalist thought of any faith, but these people are government employees who are tasked to uphold the laws of the state that they work for - All of them, not just the ones that they feel comfortable with.

Do the job that you have contracted to do, or declare yourself incompetent to do so on religious grounds and find a more suitable pastime that enables you to maintain your fictions and refrain from inflicting yourself on those who choose not to share your beliefs.

Via con Dios