Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You won't go and say goodbye

Uncle Tom? Uncle FUCKING Tom?


Sit down, shut up. Listen. You may have been relevant once, although you were wrong about the Corvair. But you just stepped in your own shit, and now, finally you own your shit.

No, be quiet. Just STFU and listen.

No one likes you.

No one has any respect for you.

You're a narcissistic idiot with dreams of grandeur.

Look in the punchbowl, Ralphie boy. See that turd? That's you.

You may be right about Obama being a corporate suckup, but if the contents of your own portfolio are any indication, so are you.

Ralph Nader: proud hypocrite, useless tool, pompous blowhard.


Oh, and fuck you. On your way out the door.

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