Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm going straight up to the top, oh yeah, where the air is fresh and clean

HELSINKI (Reuters) - The Nordic countries are the world's greenest and, despite the cold winters, Finland is the best country to live in, according to a Reader's Digest study released on Friday.
"Finland wins high marks for air and water quality, a low incidence of infant disease and how well it protects citizens from water pollution and natural disasters," the study said.
The United States was 23rd on the list of 141 countries, Britain was 25th and China 84th. Nations at the bottom of the table were all African.
Stockholm scored as the best city to live in out of 72 major metropolitan hubs, followed by Oslo, Munich and Paris. Four German cities won a spot in the top 10 list. New York was 15th and London 27th.
The dirtiest cities were in Asia, with Beijing, host of next summer's Olympic, at the bottom because of its air pollution.
The study was conducted by U.S. environmental economist Matthew Kahn, who looked at issues such as quality of drinking water and greenhouse gas emissions as well as factors such as education and income.
Well, hey now. I figured poor ol' Finland doesn't get too much notice in the world, so here's a little "atta boy" pat on their collective backs for job well done: