Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let me stand next to your fire

(Image shows Air Force C-130E dropping fire retardant in Simi Valley in 2003. For the current fires, these planes aren't available. Guess why not?)

Dodd continues to show the Right Stuff:
Today in Chicago, Senator and Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd, who has been endorsed by the International Association of Fire Fighters, addressed its Occupational Health and Hazards Convention, and harshly criticized the Administration for leaving first responders and citizens in California without additional support from National Guardsmen from the state who had been deployed to Iraq.
"As you know, Governor Schwarzenegger has had to ask other states for help because so many of California's National Guard, who provide critical support to the citizens while you are fighting the fires, were deployed to Iraq," Dodd told conference attendees. "In a Dodd Administration, never again will our houses be on fire because our troops are taking fire in Iraq. Never again will our first responders be left without the support they need because our President failed to do what it took to keep our communities safe. That is why in 2008, nothing will be more important than leadership that can get results that make us stronger and more secure. That's the first responsibility of an American President."

Indeed. This guy continues to surprise in a positive way. Hillary, John, anybody, anybody?