Friday, March 28, 2008

Around blogtopia (ywksctp!)

From the 'How Could They Tell the Difference' file, WTF?!? informs us:
Homeland Security office filled with feces

ST. PAUL, Minn., March 19 (UPI) -- Someone with an urge to purge took it out on the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management office in downtown St. Paul, police said.

An unknown man defecated in several rooms Friday afternoon and left on foot before an officer arrived, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Tuesday.
Mooing on, Cookie Jill over at Skippy's place catches another example of the taint that is Bushco:
USDA might limit meat recall information

Under pressure from the food industry, the Agriculture Department is considering a proposal not to identify retailers where tainted meat went for sale except in cases of serious health risk, The Associated Press has learned.
The plan is being considered as the USDA puts the final touches on a proposed disclosure rule. It had lingered in draft form for two years until getting pushed to the forefront in February, when 143 million pounds of beef were recalled by Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. in Chino, Calif., after undercover video by an animal-rights activist showed workers abusing crippled cows.
I have a quick correction for the AP, they weren't 'crippled cows', they were 'downer cows.' And I have a question for the USDA, did your scientists decide it wasn't a 'serious health risk' or did your politicians decide?

And we're late in wishing I Miss FafBlog, Spot a happy blogiversary!

And once again, the only across the aisle blog we link to, the infamous Jon Swift continues to fan the flames of the dems meltdown.
Obama supporters also understand that voting should never be about picking the lesser of two evils or about making a strategic choice. If you don't agree with everything your candidate says, believe he or she can do no wrong and think that the other candidate is evil and that everyone who supports him or her is a traitor, then you really have no business voting at all.
We agree to a point, but we would add that no one but us, actually me, should get to vote.

After all, it worked for Cheney and his vices.

Thanks, you've been great! We'll be weak all here, don't forget to tip your cows and milk your waitresses ... wait a minute! That was supposed to be blow the guards and tie up the safe!

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