Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saying something stupid

Sadly, stupidity isn't a test for commenting on a popular blog. In this case, I found this comment at Huffington Post:
Barak Hussein Obama

1) He LIES about his relationship to Rev. Jeremiah " God Damn America" Wright. . Who even though he knew how radical this guy was kept him on the campaign for an additional year. Of course in 20 years he never heard of his invective. He never heard but kind words form his favorite "uncle".

2) He LIES about his deal to buy his house with Tony Rezko. He says he only worked 5 hours for the man but amazingly REZKO while defaulting on $10 million in other debts, conspired to buy half of the land Obama's house is on at 100% of asking price, so Obama can get his piece at 65%.
He LIES when he says he hardly knew this man who gave $250,000 to his campaign not the $100,00 he first LIED about.

3) He LIES about his sexual relationship with Larry Sinclair and the attendant drug use.

4)He LIES about NAFTA telling OHIO voters he'll re-negotiate the treaty while telling the Canadian Government not to worry, he'll do no such thing.

5) He LIES about the war saying he has always opposed it while voting for funds to fight it.

6) He LIES about his intentions about bringing the troops home. He says he will. He says he'll send them back into Iraq. He says he'll do whatever the #%*& he wants when he is commander in chief.

7) He LIES about bringing Democrats together while running a formidable and vicious attack on Hillary.

8) He LIES about health care saying his plan does not MANDATE the collection of premiums from hard working Americans as Hillary's would, when if fact his plan would MANDATE everyone buy the coverage for their kids....and he would collect the premiums in the same MANDATED fashion.

9) He has his staff say on national television that the infamous photo of him in Arab/Muslim attire was taken when he was on a diplomatic mission. WHO sent this idiot on a diplomatic mission: NO One.
So the truth is HE LIES why he was in Africa or he LIES about conducting foreign policy for the United States while unauthorized: also a crime.

10) He has LIED his way to position in this election where he might actually win. Not to worry, if that sad event happens the media and McCain will call this guy out so forcefully he won't know what hit him.

No point in unpacking all the crap, lies, straw-man arguments, and delusions in this piece. Is the author racist, a fervent Hillary supporter, ar a Right-winger? Doesn't matter. His/her mind will stay totally fact-free during this election cycle.

And that's pretty scary.