Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm a queen on the street and a king at the station, It's a secret of mine, not a sign I'm gonna make that right

Multiple choice question: What would you say if I told you somebody cut me off in traffic, I followed them into a parking lot, pulled a gun and fired several rounds thru their windshield wounding the 20 something mom driver and her 8 year old child?

Should I;
a) go to jail, directly to jail, do not pass go, do not get bail?
b) go to jail, directly to jail, do not pass go, but have a high bail I can afford?
c) get an expense paid vacation?

If you answered 'c' you were correct:
California Officer On Leave After Shooting Mom, Son

Oceanside police are investigating what sparked an apparent road rage incident in a busy parking lot that ended with a woman and her son being shot by an off-duty San Diego police officer.
Police have not said who they think was the aggressor in the incident, but they believe it started after one of the parties committed some sort of right-of-way violation in front of the parking lot. When it was over, the officer had fired two bullets through the windshield of a Honda. Inside were a woman and a child.

"We understand that there were several rounds fired from the off-duty police officer and that the occupants of the car, an adult female and a male juvenile, were injured as a result of the gunfire," said Sgt. Kelan Poorman of the Oceanside Police Department.

Both were flown to Sharp Memorial Hospital and Children's Hospital.
"Right now, we've got statement from the son at this time.
The mother and child had to be MediVaced by chopper. The shooter gets a paid vacation, (sorry if my LEO friends disagree, but when my employer pays me while I'm taking time off, that's a vacation.)

And the fact they flew the wounded child to a different hospital than his mother, then interrogated the wounded child without a parent, LG or lawyer present is disgusting and maybe against the law.

INAL, and I don't have all the facts, but I would like to point out that every news story said the victims had to be MediVaced. To 2 different hospitals. So I have a couple of questions.

Q1) Was it in the same helicopter that made 2 stops or were their wounds serious enough that 2 simultaneous MediVacs had to be performed?

Q2) If this mom and her 8 year old boy's wounds were serious enough to require MediVacs to different hospitals then why, after being shot on Saturday night were :
The woman and child remained hospitalized Monday, but authorities said their injuries were not life threatening.
Well, golly, thanks to these unnamed 'authorities' for giving us their medical opinion!

Q3) Did anyone administer a BAC on this cop before he went on vacation?

The other driver, a white female in her 20's, was not armed
and the spin is in:
[Oceanside police Sgt. Kelan Poorman] said he did not know whether White [...] White acted in self-defense.

"I think that's probably why the shots were fired, but I'd be speculating," Poorman said.
Yeah, that it, that's the ticket, it was self-defense ... against an unarmed Mom and her 8 year old.

But wait, there's more!
Police: Woman in Oceanside shooting refusing to talk

A woman shot Saturday by an off-duty San Diego police officer during an alleged road rage incident has refused to speak with investigators, police said Tuesday.
Poorman said investigators don't have the authority to make the woman submit to an interview. [...]
Three days after the incident, investigators have yet to release key details about how the traffic dispute escalated into gunfire.

"They (investigators) don't want to try this in the court of public opinion
," Poorman said.
So they don't have the authority to make her submit, but they can interrogate her son!? And if they didn't want to "try this in the court of public opinion" why are they releasing statements saying the cop fired in self-defense and the woman refuses to talk?

Wanna know why she refused to talk? Her lawyer told her not to.

I just know someone is going to ask 'if she didn't do anything wrong, why not talk to the cops?' And my reply would be 'what the hell is wrong with you!?' The cops shot her. The cops shot her son. The same cops are saying the officer fired in self-defense. The same cops interrogated her 8 year old son in the hospital without parental permission.

Of course you hire a lawyer, and when you hire a lawyer you should listen to their advice.

Then the poor, poor, Poorman also said White had already talked to investigators. Yeah, when White wasn't in a hospital bed and when White was interviewed at the Oceanside police station Saturday night with his attorney and peer support officers from the San Diego Police Department present.

This story stinks of cover-up and of the cops banding together, as always, to protect their own at the expense of the innocent civilians who pay their salaries.

If I lived in Oceanside I'd want my money back.