Saturday, March 01, 2008

Life is just a game, And death is just the same

I've been debating with myself whether to write something about William F. Buckley's passing. I've seen several on our side of the bloggersphere (y!pctp) bend over backwards, tempering critiques of his idiotic beliefs with praise for his civility. And I have to say, I really don't care how civil he was, I care that he was wrong about damned near everything.

So today, I finally came up with what I though was the best description of Buckley: He was the Yngwie J. Malmsteen of conservative punditry.

Huh? Well, he could say in 12,000 words what a less pompous, egotistical writer could say in 250 words. And say it in the most annoying style possible. And he never shuts up!

And anyone who's every heard "Wingnut" (as his band-mates called him when we were working on the first 2 Alcatrazz albums at Rocshire studios) understands. Why play 9 really great notes when you can fit in 2000. And oh yeah, baroque metal is such a relevant style today. It was interesting for 15 minutes in '83, but puhleeze, let it go, dude.

Here's Yngwie wanking hard (you won't make it halfway through, I guarantee it):

Here's Buckley wanking hard against Noam Chomsky, who cleans WFB's clock: