Monday, May 12, 2008

'Cause I could play these here drums*

Jack Gilfoy passed away last week. If you're in any part of the industry you probably know who Jack was. If not, here's just a few of the gigs he had:
Errol Garner
Teddy Wilson
Jim Cullum
Doc Severinson
Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey
Nelson Riddle
Al Cobine
Henry Mancini
The Four Preps
Sonny & Sher
Andy Williams
Johnny Mathis
Nancy Wilson
Elvis Presley
The Wright Brothers
Bill Gaither
Sandy Patti
... and almost every major symphony in the world.

So while you may not have heard of Jack Gilfoy, you've heard him.

On a personal note; I got my studio start at what had been Gilfoy Studios and I was lucky enough to work with Jack over the years on 5 sessions and a few live gigs. In addition to being a 'drummist', (Jack's term), he was also a great engineer and an incredible teacher. From trap sets to tympani, from faders to tape, Jack was the consummate professional and a most gracious and caring teacher.

p.s. He was funny too!

* Apologies to SteveAudio for borrowing his 'Cause I can play' theme, but I'm thinking he gets it.